About Us

We are owned and operated right here in Colorado with locations in Colorado Springs and Denver.  Avanza means to promote or move forward. We are a professional, educational institute using innovative techniques dedicated to preparing future Nursing Aides for success in YOUR chosen career. We are a private school, which specializes in providing the “personal touch.”

Our training classrooms and skills training rooms comfortably accommodate a full class. We have advanced training materials, plus open office time where students may practice their skills. Our goal is to offer high quality training, while meeting the educational needs of our students who have other life priorities.

Since the need for specialized healthcare education continues to grow, we continue to change and adapt our educational programs to fit these specialized needs.

Our goal is to provide quality education focusing on patient care. We teach each student to consider the needs of their patients, first and foremost. We stress patience, kindness and understanding as the standard for all care given.

Teaching students how to help a patient with a shower or to eat a meal along with the rest of patient care procedures is easy. The one thing you cannot teach is heart.

We look for students with a loving, caring heart for others. These are the caregivers that our patients so desperately need. If you are a person with a true heart that cares for others, we encourage you to find your place in the healthcare field.