Curriculum & Staff

We designed our curriculum around the work of Dr. John Bransford. In the Introduction to How People Learn, he explores ways to more effectively teach. In the Introduction, he states, “… a new theory of learning is coming into focus that leads to very different approaches to the design of curriculum, teaching, and assessment than those often found in schools today.” We agree. His new theory of learning works with how the brain actually learns. There are four phases in this process: ChallengeReactionInsight, and Action.
In the Challenge phase, the instructor links the content to what students already know. In the Reaction phase, the instructor provides time for students to reflect on any assigned reading. In the Insight phase, the instructor introduces new concepts to students. In the Action phase, the instructor creates an activity that requires students to apply their new knowledge. This phase enables students to move their new knowledge into their long-term memory.
Our Instructors & Staff
Sheri Agunbiade, B.S.N., R.N.
Program Coordinator
Hollie Thompson, C.N.A.
Office Manager
Pamela Glorie, B.S.N., R.N.
Nurse Aide Instructor
Marion Patterson, L.P.N.
Nurse Aide Instructor