“I just recently graduated from Avanza Training program and also passed my state exam, and because of their awesome staff, patient teachers (Pam, Christy) I was finally able to achieve my goal! I will say this Avanza was not my first selection unfortunately, I had chose another school which I did not complete and was not happy with the teaching style, amongst many other reasons. I actually at one point was starting to second guess myself on if I am making the right career choice. So I started shopping around and came across Avanza. From the moment I walked in the administration was attentive, friendly and far from pushy and cold (like my first choice). The classes are well planned out, they are more then willing to go out of their way to make sure you understand what is being taught, offer outside tutoring, and for this I thank you Avanza!!! I highly recommend their course and don’t make the same mistake I did. Thanks again, Avanza you guys are awesome!”

-Stephanie Lynn

“The facility and staff were great…Classroom time was easily grasped and understood. The atmosphere was conducive to learning while also being fun, as well as being very positive. I felt I was extremely well prepared. Of course I was responsible for doing the work and studying. The clinical days were well planned and I feel very prepared for my state exam.”


“I had a very positive experience at the Avanza CNA 2 week class. Miss Judy left an incredible impression on myself and our whole class. Her teaching style is very intuitive and kept our whole class engaged 100% of the time. I feel very blessed to have had the privilege of learning from her. Also, Hollie is extremely personable and highly efficient at her position. Her welcoming personality was such a pleasant surprise. You have an amazing group of employees at this location. I will be recommending this program to others, without hesitation


This course was a lifesaver for me as a nursing student! The 2 week class was an intense and concentrated learning experience. Donya, my instructor, was an amazing teacher who was able to get us through the entire textbook in less than a week. She did not cut corners nor was she lenient in our learning experience. I truly appreciated her realistic and through teaching approach. I highly recommend this course for individuals who are serious about pursuing a career as a CNA, need the course for more advanced nursing, or want to see if the medical field is a good fit. My experience with Avanza was nothing short of meticulously organized and perfect from start to finish!


I had a great time in this class learning new and different things.”

-Avanza Student