CNA Application Checklist

    1. Select Your Course

        • Accelerated Nursing Aide (CNA) Class

        • Evening/Weekend Nursing Aide (CNA) Class

    2. Register for Desired Course/Determine Payment Method

        • Registration can be completed by using the scheduling tool provided here.

        • To secure a seat, a deposit of $300 is required

        • Money order, cashier’s check, facility check, credit card or cash. No personal checks are accepted. Any payments made with the credit card online or at the facility will incur a $20 one-time processing fee.

    3. Familiarize Yourself with the School Guidelines 

    4. Submit Your Criminal Background Check

    5. Take a Tuberculous Test

        • Read here to schedule and learn more about the TB test. 

        • Before the start of class, you must submit proof of a negative TB test.

    6. Pick Up Your CNA Textbook

        • Please call (719) 362-7111 to schedule a time to pick up your textbook.